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FM Devices vs IR Devices - It's all about about sound clarity. Learn about the difference between FM Devices and IR Wireless Sound Transmission Systems.

Defeating Background Noise - Getting The Right Hearing Aid Systems to Improve Hearing Quality by Reducing Background Noises.
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Hearing Impaired Amplifiers - Our hearing impaired listening devices are great to help seniors, students, church members, tour guide groups, theaters, job training, hearing impaired people with personal communication with family and friends and many other events where to you hear better and more clearly, The listening products we provide are the Williams Sound Pocket Talker hearing devices and the Sonic Superears personal amplifiers.  Assistive hearing devices can be very beneficial for people with mild to sever hearing loss. Hearing amplifiers can be used by children, adults, seniors, elderly and partially deaf people can benefit themselves and caregivers in their daily lives to make sound louder.
Language Translation Systems - FM Systems are a useful tool to translate languages immediately; they are very helpful within the tourism and hospitality industries, schools, museums, galleries, exhibitions, corporate tours, conventions and outdoor activities. Array AG 300 systems (language transmitters and receivers) is our best selling simultaneous language equipment will give you the satisfaction that any other expensive known name brand translator devices do. Get the the expected results out your translation equipment at lower cost.
Tour Guide Systems - Provides your tour groups with reliable assistive listening equipment to hear the tour operator clearly. We are distributors of the best names in the market like Nady Systems and Williams Sound Systems for wireless radio transmitters and receivers. You can use tour guide devices for guided tours, presentation centers, cruise ships, tourism offices, large guided attractions, convention centers, marketing organizations, university tours and and many other situations where language interpretation is required. Check our Nady wireless tour microphones and headset FM systems.
Microphone Systems and Wireless Headsets - We all know how important for audiences to listen clearly to message and speech delivery. We carry an assortment of microphones for multiple purposes; Wireless headsets and mics are available for different fields in many sectors of the industry. Williams Sound Systems is one of our premium brands offering many options like:  wireless mics, lapel microphones, handheld mics, unidirectional microphones, omnidirectional microphones. We offer centrum conference mics and mics for tour guided groups by Array and Nady Systems which are very useful microphones to cover massive events, public venues, workshop and forum speakers.
TV Listening Devices - At General Technologies we are distributors of TV headsets and other tv listeners. Hearing and understanding the Television at normal volume, that is what tv listening equipment is the best at. Audio quality varies among these devices. TV headphones / tv listening accessories make listening to the tv easier. Enjoy being able to hear the TV Without Blasting sound in the television room.
Portable FM Systems - FM systems consists of one receiver unit and one transmitter unit. You can choose among our newest state-of-the-art microphone transmitters. All fm receiver and fm transmitters are ultra compact not much bigger than an smartphone... SEE Personal FM Systems displayed on our page. Additional wireless transmitters and receivers can be can be purchased separately. Use your fm system at church, conferences, classrooms, noise restaurants and cafes, official meetings and lots of public places.
Wide Area Sound Systems - We are distributors of Nady Systems, Williams Sound Systems, manufacturers of the world's top selling wireless microphones, fm transmitters, wide area fm system, infrared systems and other professional audio equipment, e.g.: NADY E03/4 Four-Receiver FM System & Williams Sound [PPA VPE37] Value Pack System, multiple microphone systems. Assistive Listening Systems - transmit the sound effectively to everyone... Improve FM systems and infrared systems, the most cost-effective way for sound transmission at large areas as churches, courtrooms, theaters and auditoriums.
Headphones & Earphones - Enjoy the excellence of clear audio listening... - browse thru our page and see lots hearing impaired listening devices: Sonic Technology stereo headsets featuring names like Williams Sound and Koss - earphones and headphones, neckloops, mini earbuds, neckloops, silhouettes, adapter cords. 
Wireless NADY Systems - A manufacturer of the world's top selling wireless microphones and other professional audio equipment, introduces a high quality and high fidelity audio FM system for TV Listening and other applications such as Churches, Theaters and Auditoriums, Square Dancing, Language Translation and other wide-area applications. The Nady systems are comprised of the same model transmitter and receiver, the difference being in the number of receivers for the application. Wireless Soundfield System, Language Translation FM System, Portable Transmitter Systems, Tour Guide/Translation Listening Systems, Single-Receiver Systems, Single-Receiver FM System and Base Transmitters.
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