The Mother Of All Signaling Devices
GT Price: $174.99 ($9.00 P&H) 
A flashing lamp, bed vibrator, and panel of indicator lights alerts you to the DoorbellTelephoneSmoke AlarmBaby Cry or other sounds - all in one portable unit.  Take it with you on trips. You can travel with the Alertmaster in its convenient vinyl carrying case. Beside use in the home, the alertmaster is also designed to satisfy the ADA signaling requirements for Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, Senior Housing etc

AM-RX2  Wireless Remote Receiver for other rooms: 
$57.99 ($6 P&H)
wireless receivers
tactile signaler
baby monitoring systems
tactile signaler
motion sensor devices
O  p t i o n a l    A c c e s s o r i e s 

Motion Sensor AM-SX: $77.99 ($5 P&H)

Baby Sound Monitor AM-BX: $47.99 ($5 P&H)

Personal Signaler AM-PX: $77.99 ($5 P&H)

Personal Tactile Signaler AM-PXB $97.99 ($5 P&H)

Audio Alarm Transmitter AM-AX $47.99 ($5 P&H)

Door Announcer AM-DX: $47.99 ($5 P&H)

door anouncers
baby monitoring systems
  *****$SAVE: Combination: AL10 + AM-RX2 Receiver $204.99  ($10 P&H)  *****

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alerting assistive devices
Global Assistive Devices
Access 3
  $94.99 (S&H 8.50)
See, Hear, Feel 
Knocking at the Door
Telephone Ringing 
Alarm Clock - Adjustable Tone & Volume
.Bright Halogen Reading Lamp -- Also Flashes to Alert You 
Optional 12v Bed Vibrator
Optional Door Push Button or Beacon Transmitter
wireless pagers
Wireless Personal Pager RPP-330 
$39.99 ($6 S&H)

Be alerted up to 100 feet away, Eliminate yelling at the push of a button.

Battery powered button-transmitter and receiver.

Receiver Vibrates or Chimes

Wireless Personal Pager
Be Alerted To  Doorbell, Telephone, 
Baby Cry, Or Smoke Alarm
 Wireless  RRE-360 Price Breakthrough
$79.99 ($6 S&H)
This handy system allows you to be alerted throughout the house to 
either the doorbell, telephone, baby cry,  fire alarm or any sound near the sound detector/transmitter. The transmitter has an acute sensitivity control allowing you to set it to high sensitivity for very low sounds. When sound is detected, the transmitter sends a radio signal to the receiver up to 100 feet away. The receiver then vibrates, alerting the wearer. Both transmitter and receiver are totally portable, each operated by 2 AA batteries (not included). Each unit weighs 4 ounces and measures 3.5 X 2.5  X 1 inch.

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Alerting Devices

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