Bargains  (A Hodgepodge)
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This page is devoted to bringing together those products on the GT web pages that we consider bargains in that they give you "more bang for the buck" at very reasonable prices and are not usually found anywhere else. This is by design -- we actively search out products that perform as well or better than similar products with much higher price tags. 
wireless pagers
Wireless Personal Pager RPP-330 
$49.99 ($12 S&H)
-- Be alerted up to 100 feet away, Eliminate yelling at the push of a button.
-- Battery powered button-transmitter and receiver.
-- Receiver Vibrates or Chimes
-- Perfect  for caregivers - seniors - bedridden
-- Perfect for office paging
-- Operates on 2 AA batteries
Nady 151 VR/LT  Belt Pack Personal FM System    $188.99 ($12 S&H)

Nady 151 VR/HT Hand Held Personal FM System    $188.99 ($12 S&H)
     With Nady's Surface Mount Technology (SMT), the 151 VR receiver is ultra compact --. not much bigger than an audiocassette, it comes with a mini-earphone. Nady's newest, state-of-the-art microphone transmitters are standard with the 151 VR, with a choice of the Nady WHT-15 handheld or WLT-15 lavalier microphone bodypack transmitter. Both transmitters provide 16-20 hours of battery life from a single 9V alkaline, the longest battery operation available with any wireless on the market. 
     Because the system is made for commercial video sound recording, it gives you clear, professional sounding high fidelity audio (25-20,000 Hz) without distracting ambient noise from the environment and delivers outstanding sound.
      The operating range is up to 300' even in the most adverse conditions, and up to 500' line-of-sight. Since the 151 VR is available in 3 different frequencies, it can be effectively used in multiple system set-ups with more than one 151 VR system in the same location. Additional 351 VR receivers: $99.99 each  One Year Warranty.
System Features 
Tune to any of 16 frequencies within the UHF band (694-704 MHz) for interference free, long-range stereo or mono performance. System consists of PEM-1000T transmitter and one bodypack PEM-1000R receiver, both of which offer 16 channel front panel user selectable. Audio response is to 12,000 Hz. Any number of additional receivers can be operated with the same transmitter if set to the same channel. Proprietary companding circuitry for wide Dynamic Range and clear, natural sound . Operating Range: up to 300 feet typical (depending on site conditions) Rugged, foam-padded traveling case provides easy safe transport and storage.  One Year Warranty.

Additional PEM-1000R 16-Channel Receivers: $179.99 each (S&H $7)

Additional PEM 1000T Transmitters: $263.99 each 

Nady PEM-1000 16-Channel UHF FM System $425.99 (S&H $18.00)
IncludesOne PEM-1000Transmitter & One PEM 1000R Receiver
**  A Best Buy  **

$1027.99 (S&H $25.00) 4 receiver system, 1 transmitter

A great buy for large area uses such as Square Dancing, Churches, Auditoriums, Theaters. Operation at Ultra High Frequencies (UHF) significantly reduces the chances of  interference. 
If you need multiple transmitters operating simultaneously, such as when translating several languages, or providing people with the sound from several sources, or many other applications, this 16-channel system is an unbeatable value. 

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FM receivers
General Technologies Price: $79.99 ($7 S&H)
Use With ANY Wideband FM System
Picks Up ALL Channels In The 72-76 MHz ALD Band   ***  PLUS ***
The Whole Commercial FM Band 88-108 MHz
This tiny (1 ¾  X 3 ½ X ¾ inches) marvel does  it all:
• LCD Displays Frequency and Signal Strength
• Tunes in Small Increments OR keep the up or down tuning adjust pressed for 1 second and the receiver SCANS up or down until it hits an active channel.
• Switch for MONO or STEREO Operation
• Has FIVE Pre-Set Buttons to Store Any Five Channels For Instant Recall
• Works with two AAA batteries
• Comes with both Headphones and Earphones
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personal FM receivers
amplified phone systems
D6SP Amplified Speakerphone
$57.99 ($13 S&H)
Key Features 

Universal Headphone Jack (Accepts most headphones with no need of additional adapters) 
Patented Volume Boost Button Designed With Features For The Hearing Impaired Aiding 70% of Elderly Patients With High-Frequency Hearing Loss (The Boost Button Increases Volume Range To 27.5db) 
High Luster, Euro Style, rugged ABS cabinet with High Durability Components 
Extra Heavy, Non-Slip Base provides a solid look and feel 
Easy to wipe down, sleek profile, Lite Touch Keypad with  "No Wear" keys 
Low Pitch, Dual Tone Ringer with 3 levels of control 
Outstanding audio amplification quality 
Easy Access Dataport 
Flash Button 

amplified phone systems
Amplified Desk Phone  $45.99  ($18 S&H)

  ***** A Best Buy *****

Discount Listening Devices

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