Probably The Most Informative Hearing Loss Book & Hearing Aids Existing Today!

-- Joe Marin, Pres., General Technologies

"A must read..The pearls of wisdom you harvest ...will last a lifetime
- Robin L. Holm, BC-HIS, Senior Editor, Audecibel

"I wish this had been available years ago"
- Paula Bonillas, Former Editor, Hearing Health Magazine

"The authors bring a wealth of experience and expertise" 
-  David Kirkwood, Editor-in-Chief, The Hearing Journal 

"Much in this book will prepare you for your journey toward better hearing"
-  Karl Strom and Marjorie Skafte, Editors,  The Hearing Review

"This book reveals that hearing loss is not insurmountable!"
- Donna L. Sorkin, former Executive Director, Self Help For Hard of Hearing People

Need A Pick-Me-Up?
Maybe we all do at one time or another, especially those of us with a hearing loss, which can be extremely frustrating at times (like when we're awake). 
I've been talking over the phone to Joe Perino for over 15 years. I've never met him, but we always end up talking for a half-hour or more. The guy is interesting and ingratiating --of course, so am I.  Joe is a Ph.D. clinical psychologist, which is interesting but not especially notable. What is remarkable is that Joe put himself through all that schooling with a very severe hearing loss acquired at an early age, and has practiced successfully for years in a profession where listening is of utmost importance! A few years ago, I suggested to Joe that he write a book about hearing loss (so he tells me), but he opted to write one that might help a much wider audience and hence, "I think I'm hopeless... but I could be wrong. A guide to building self-confidence." It's about coping and it's an extremely readable 200 page paperback. I like the 14 point  type that I can almost read without my glasses. I also like the way Joe puts things -- he gets right to the point in this hearing loss book.  Here's a sample: "Self-confidence is not an absolute. A person does not have it or not have it. The idea that some people have none while others are confident in every area of their lives is a myth." Anyway, I thought this would be an extremely useful hearing loss book for many of us.
-- Joe Marin

Joe Perino books
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how hearing loss impacts relationships

How Hearing Loss Impacts Relationships
Motivating Your Loved One
Richard Carmen, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology  

·   At last families of loved ones with untreated hearing loss can 
    know they are not alone and what options are available
·   Discover what lies behind resistance to treatment of hearing loss and the         many layers to this problem beyond stigma and vanity alone
·   Learn about your own feelings and how they affect your loved one’s                 resistance
·   Read how depression and anxiety affect loved ones with untreated hearing       loss and how you can create positive changes
·   Recognize and honor the basic rules of communication
·   Understand the impact of co-dependence
·   Find out the difference between reluctance and resistance as well as               inaction versus failed action
·   Learn the 10-steps to your loved one’s Independent Hearing
·   Acquire the knowledge that can result in breakthrough solutions

$14.99 ($8 S&H)
hearing loss book on Tinnitus
$29.99 ($12 S&H)
Newest (And most expensive, naturally)

Hearing Loss Books & Tinnitus Handbook

Tinnitus - believed to be incurable by most people - is actually treatable for most people. The Consumer Handbook on Tinnutus was compiled by top experts on the cutting edge of tinnitus research. If it isn´t in this book, it probably doesn´t exist. In this tinnitus book, you will:

Gain knowledge of the many common causes of tinnitus

Understand common reactions and problems faced by other sufferers of tinnitus

Learn how tinnitus is likely represented in the brain

Discover different ways you can change your reaction to tinnitus

Recognize how communication difficulties are related to tinnitus

Read about how tinnitus affects sleep and what you can do about it

Find out ways to increase the quality of your life by taking charge

Hear what you should expect from your audiologists and hearing doctors

Unveil the facts about herbs, supplements and alternative medicines

Understand your reaction to loud sounds (hyperacusis)

Discover how tinnitus fits into your total emotional and spiritual life

Uncover sound therapies that will work

Find out where help is available
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These books give you valuable information on how to deal with hearing loss, cure Tinnitus and learn to deal socially with problems associated with hearing damage. Seniors suffer from hearing loss, so remember whether it is your father, mother or friend this would be a great gift to give them. This can help them to understand hearing problems and improve hearing at the same time. When you suffer from hearing difficulties, it is important to reduce hearing loss to communicate better with everyone around you. This will help to improve your relationships with your loved ones by understanding what is being said more effectively.
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