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We offer church translation systems including FM transmitters and receivers. The listening devices can also be used for hearing impaired people. With a live translator, you can wear a wireless microphone to broadcast to the audience that are wearing the FM receivers. The will be able to switch between channels on their FM device. Those people wearing the FM receivers will be able to hear the sermon from their translator and understand the words verbally translated in their own language. 

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Church translation equipment is great for translating languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Italian or any other language that you wish to translate. If you have more then one transmitter, you can translate more than one language at a time by using different channels for each live translator. The listeners can tune in to the language of their choice.

Everyone will be able to understand what the pastor is saying in the church sermon. Don't let your church members not be able to understand the word of God. Seniors with hearing loss can especially have a hard time hearing the minister preach in the church and these are great electronic listening devices to help them hear better. 

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