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Williams Sound 4-Receiver Language 
Stationary Simultaneous Translation Equipment **
  GT Price: $ 1103.00
 ($18 S&H)
Assistive listening systems for large areas is available for effective sound transmission to everyone. I have found FM translation systems to be most cost-effective for this purpose in that they are easily set up, portable when required and have sufficient range for large areas using only a single transmitter.
The Value Pack Language Translation Headset System uses the T-27 language transmitter, capable of 300+ feet range, thus covering an area of over 282,000 square feet. The translation system includes a Williams Sound MIC 044 noise-cancelling headset microphone (see below) and four new R37 receivers with batteries and earphones. Additional PPA R37 Receivers $117.99

**Lifetime Warranty.
**Williams Sound MIC 044 
Noise Reduction Headset Microphone Included
Additional MIC 044 Headset Mics: $94.99

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Our sound equipment can be used for translating languages - Mandarin, English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Russian, Portuguese, Javanese, German, Wu Chinese, Javanese, Korean, French, Turkish, Vietnamese, Telugu, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Cantonese, Marathi, Tamil, Italian, Urdu, Min Nan, Jinyu, Gujarati, Polish, Ukrainian, Persian, Xiang, Malayalam, Hakka, Kannada, Oriya, Panjabi, Sunda, Romanian, Bhojpuri, Thai, Dutch, Indonesian, 

Nady 351 VR/LT  4-Receiver Mobile Belt Pack 
Mobile Language Translation Equipment**  499.99.........$445.99 ($15S&H)

Nady 351 VR/HT 4-Receiver Mobile Hand Held 
 Mobile Language Translation System** 489.99.........$445.99  ($15 S&H)

Additional 351 VR receivers: $99.99 each ($8.00 S&H)
With Nady's Surface Mount Technology (SMT), the 351 VR receiver is ultra compact. Not much bigger than an audio cassette it comes with a mini-earphone. Nady's newest, state-of-the-art microphone transmitters are standard with the 351 VR, with a choice of the WLT-15 lavalier microphone bodypack transmitter or Nady WHT-15 handheld transmitter. Both transmitters provide 16-20 hours of battery life from a single 9V alkaline, the longest battery operation available with any wireless on the market. 
The translating sound system gives you clear, professional sounding audio without distracting ambient noise from the environment and delivers outstanding sound translations. It is ideal as well as affordable for quality language translation equipment. 
Nady's specialized companding noise reduction circuitry provides an unparalleled dynamic range of 120 dB. audio translator equipment with no background hiss or overload distortion. The operating range is up to 500'. Since the 351 VR is available on one of five factory-set crystal-controlled frequencies -- 171.905, 185.150, 203.400, 209.150, 215.200 MHz.--, it can be effectively used in multiple system set-ups with more than one 351 VR system in the same location. One Year Warranty.

**Nady HM-3 Wireless Microphone Included. This is a Nady Headset Microphone
 NADY E03/4  4 FM Receiver Stationary Language Translation FM System**  
$439.99 ($18 S&H)  
(Nady E03 Single Receiver FM System --- $209.99)
Nady Systems, a manufacturer of the worlds top selling wireless microphones and other professional audio equipment, introduces a wide area FM system. The language transmitter has 8 switchable channels in the 72-76 MHz assistive listening band using wide band modulation for high fidelity audio sound translations. The FM system has an operating range of 300-500 feet, making it excellent as Language Translation Systems even in large areas. The translation system includes the FM transmitter, long cord Electret Lapel Microphone, AC Adapter, audio cable, and  four Nady single-channel Receivers with dual earphones. 1-year warranty. 
Additional  Nady Receivers (Rx)  $79.99 each ($7 S&H) 

**Nady HM-3 Translation Headphone Mic Included
mobile translation systems
The Nady HM-3 is an ultra-light miniature cardioid polar pattern headset condenser microphone, specifically designed to provide close-miked vocal pick-up in applications for which hands-free operation is required. Nady pioneered the first headset mics on the market almost 20 years ago with the introduction of the original Headmic.

Additional HM-3Nady Translation Headset Mics: $49.99
The HM-3 is an ultra-light miniature cardioid polar pattern headworn condenser microphone, specifically designed to provide close-miked vocal pick-up in applications for which hands-free operation is required. Nady pioneered the first headset translator mics on the market almost 20 years ago with the introduction of the original Headmic.

Additional HM-3 Language Translator Headset Mics: $49.99
mobile translation systems
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translation fm systems - translation devices
Array Translation Equipment
Array Systems AG300-4  Mobile Three Channel UHF
Language Translation Headphones or Tour Guide System
1  FM Transmitter (AGT300) -- 4 FM Receivers (AGR300)
$467.99 ($12 S&H)
---UHF Frequencies Minimize RF Interference
---Three User-Selectable Frequencies Allow Up To 3 languages to be translated simultaneously.
---PLL Synthesized Design Insures High Frequency Stability.
---Noise Cancellation Technology.
---LED Display Of Low Battery (Tx & Rx).
---LED Display of Received Signal (Rx).
---Tx & Rx each Use 2 AA Batteries.
---Additional 3-Channel UHF Receivers: $88.99 ($6 S&H)
---Additional 3-Channel UHF Transmitters: 113.99 ($7 S&H)
---25 Year Warranty

tour guide system
Vanguard VGP-13
Aluminum Carrying Case 
Holds Up TO 40 Array Units
MSRP $169.99
$105.99 ($15 S&H)

FM system carrying case
System Includes: 1 FM Transmitter (AGT300), 4 FM Receivers (AGR300), 
Headset Microphone (HM01) OR Lavalier Microphone, (LM01)  & Earphones.
Optional Suitcase (SC01) Holds up to 40 Units: (see below) $105.99 ($15 S&H) 
Additional  3-Channel UHF Receivers (AGR300) each: $88.99 ($6 S&H)
Additional 3-Channel UHF Transmitters (AGT300) each $113.99 ($7 S&H)
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Nady Translation Devices - 4 Receivers
  Williams Translation Devices - 4 Receivers
New Frequencies:
Ch1 806.9 MHz
Ch2 808 MHz
Ch3 809.7 MHz

Language Translation Earpieces - Headset Translators - Translating Earpieces
Live Translators Needed To Use FM Transmitters

​The language transmitters can be used as portable tour guide equipment for factory tours, speaking events, classroom education, professors teaching aids, convention speakers, public speaking, pastor church sermons, tourism language translations, corporate training, job training, corporate seminars, government communications, military bases, security officers, sports events and many other speaking events.

These simultaneous translation devices are great for translating languages for Chinese, Mandarin, Gujarati, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Persian, Xiang, German, Chinese Wu, Javanese, Korean, French, Turkish, Vietnamese, Telugu, Chinese, Yue Cantonese, Bhojpuri, zerbaijani, Maithili, English, Spanish, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Italian, Urdu, Min Nan, Jinyu, Hausa, Burmese, Serbo Croatian, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Hakka, Kannada, Oriya, Panjabi, Sunda, Romanian, Gan, Awadhi, Thai, Dutch, Yoruba, Sindhi and any other dialect that you want to translate to.
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Great as Spanish Translation Equipment or any other language for Tour Guide Companies, Churches, Schools, Public Speakers, Courtrooms, Tourism, Military, Government & More.

Our Translation Equipment / FM Systems are used by language translators to translate languages so listeners can use the headphone receivers to understand the languages being spoken. These electronic devices are not automatic translation devices and need a live translator for translating languages. Depending on the brand of FM Systems from Williams Sound, Nady Systems or Array Systems, you can simultaneously translate languages, 3 or more at one time with the use of more electronic transmitters for each language. You will also need a live translator for each different language you want to translate so the earpiece translators can be decifered by the live translator.
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