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Using Your "T" Switch  |  Hot Tip #1 - Using Headphones With T-Switch
Sonic Technology Stereo Headset   
GT Price $10.49 S&H $6.50
*** A Best Buy ***
These 16-ohm headsets are not available elsewhere, They produce .really excellent sound and may be hooked to many assistive devices or your TV, H-Fi Stereo, DVD,or Spouse.
Koss UR15 Headphones  GT Price  $26.99 (S&H $6.50)
This is the big comfortable type that surrounds the ear (circumaural) and is cushioned, eliminating noisy backgrounds. They are especially good when you have in-the-ear hearing aids and want to listen with a headset using the aids; just fit the earphones over your aids. Audio Range: 25-15,000 Hz; Impedance: 32 ohms; Weight: 5.8 ounces w/o cord. It comes with a 8-foot cord and a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
Turbo-Type Headphones GT Price: $14.99 ($6.50 P&H).
This is  my favorite type for listening without hearing aids. It is the "TURBO" type (marketing people thought that name up) that fits in your ear and uses the ear canal as a resonator for the lower frequencies. Excellent high frequency response. Range: 18-22,000 Hz. Weight: 0.46 ounces; Impedance 16 ohms; 3-foot cord. Except for the sound, you won't know it's there. One year warranty. 
HED Phones 021 - Lightweight Headphones $14.99
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Williams Sound Neckloop 1-Year Warranty ] GT Price: $46.99 ($5.50 P&H) 
hearing aid silhouettes
Beacuse a $3000 hearing aid may have a  weak 75-cent T-coil circuit, using a silhouette provides a  stronger signal to the hearing aid because it's much closer. If a neckloop doesn't give you sufficient volume, the silhouette is your best bet. However, while one neckloop can provide the sound signal to both aids, the silhouette can take care of only one hearing aid at a time; so if you want the signal to go to both hearing aids, you must get the dual silhouette system
Dual Silhouette S-02 GT Price: $56.00 ($5.50 P&H)  [On the left] 

Single Silhouette S-01 GT Price: $27.72 ($5.50 P&H)  [On the right]
Neckloops & Silhouettes -- Using Your Telephone ("T") Switch
If you have a telephone "T" switch on your hearing aid, you're in luck. You can then use a neckloop or silhouette, or even headphones, to pick up the signal from an assistive listening device directly into your hearing aid by turning on the "T" switch. These devices plug into the output jack of almost any product producing sound: Radio, Hi-Fi, TV, or Assistive Listening Device. A magnetic field is produced by the sound current running through the neckloop,  silhouette, or headphones. The magnetic field is picked up by the "T" coil in the hearing aid, amplified, and changed back into sound which you hear through the hearing aid.
EAR 022 - Surround Earphones  $14.99
Hangs on the ear. Easy to clean with an alcohol wipe.
I've seen people who take your orders for drive-through at KFC wearing these -- just a little trivia. (S&H $6.50)

surround sound earphones
EAR 013T - $16.99 (S&H $6.50)
This is an EAR 013 earbud (above) fitted with a flexible white rubber eartip allowing more comfort if the EAR 013 is too big or does not fit well.
Hot Tip #1: You can use regular headphones (like the Koss UR15 above) with your T-Coil and you will to hear the sound. Headphones have a great magnetic field  and will act the same or better than a neckloop or silhouette.

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Koss UR15
Sonic Technology stereo headset
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EAR 008 - Wide Range Earphone $14.99
EAR 013 - Single Mini-Earbud  $14.99
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