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Williams Sound 
Microphone 027
$99.99 ($12 S&H)
Hand Held Cardioid-(Unidirectional) Noise Cancelling Condenser Microphone With Mic Stand. 39" Cord. 3.5 mm Plug. . Windscreen WND 004

Williams Sound 
Microphone 090
$68.99 ($7 S&H)
Lapel Clip Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone. 39" Cord. 3.5 mm Plug.
Clip:  CLP 080
Windscreen:  WND 008
Williams Sound
Microphone 014
$34.99  ($7 S&H)
Omnidirectional Plug Mount 
Microphone for Pocketalker. 
Clip:  CLP 014
Windscreen:  WND 002 
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Williams Sound 
Microphone 054 
$68.99 ($7 S&H)
Directional Lapel Clip Mic. Cardioid
Condenser. 3.5 mm Plug. 39" Cord.
Clip:  CLP 057; Windscreen:  WND 007

These microphones fit any transmitter with a standard 3.5 mm (1/8th inch) input jack. The two Unidirectional microphones, MIC 027 Handheld, and MIC 054 Lapel Clip, have a cardioid pattern such that sound coming from the back or sides is attenuated, while sound coming from the front is received at full volume. Be aware, however, that these microphones  will only assist in marginal listening situations over the omnidirectional mics. The mics also fit the Pocketalker amplifier.

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Williams Sound Microphone 044  
$94.99  ($12 S&H)
Headset Microphone. Noise Cancelling. 39" Cord.For use in high noise environments

General Technologies has found the small Centrum Sound CM-3 (Conference) Mic to be very effective in these situations, as well as costing about a third the price of others. You may use these mics in a dual configuration to hear widely separated speakers at a table, or as a single mic. Simply plug one or both (using a duplex adapter) into the microphone jack of  a Pocketalker or a Wireless Transmitter.
Single Centrum Sound Conference Mic CM3-1
$79.99 ($7 S&H)
conference microphones
Dual Centrum Sound Conference Mic CM3-2
$149.99 ($7 S&H)
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Hot Tip #2:  Boundary (Pressure) Zone Microphones -- Used For Group Meetings
Boundary Zone mics, sometimes called Pressure Zone mics, are extremely useful at meetings where there is a large flat surface, like a table or wall. They are often used in theaters, placed on the stage, to hear the actors. This type of mic has the advantage (because of the boundary or pressure layer effect) of:
1.  Being fairly small and inconspicuous, lying flat on the surface.
2.  Having a +6 dB gain (twice the sensitivity) of regular omni-directional microphones.

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Nady Microphone Headset HM-3
$49.99 ($12 S&H )
Nady Unidirectional Condenser Microphone
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