Better Hearing - FM Systems for Classrooms, Business Meetings, Churches, Tour Groups, etc.
BEST BUY: General Technologies distributes high quality wireless FM products, one of which we  are making available at less than a fraction of the cost of other personal FM systems.  The Nady WLT 15 (Lavalier) and WHT 15 (Hand-held) transmitters pictured below are available on one of five factory-set crystal controlled frequencies:  171.905, 185.150, 203.400, 209.150, 215.200 MHz. The single-channel crystal-controlled 351 VR receiver has a high fidelity frequency response: 25-20,000 Hz
Dr. Carl Crandell  (U. Florida - Gainesville) and others have written extensively on the beneficial effects of Soundfield Systems, especially in the classroom. The Soundfield Systems benefited a variety of students, including those without hearing loss. Soundfields are simply systems of (usually FM wireless) loudspeakers placed around the room which improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the listening environment.
Nady WA120
Nady WA-120 HT Wireless Soundfield System  
INCREDIBLE SALE! $169.99 ($27 S&H)
Portable P.A. with WH120 handheld transmitter included and built-in VHF wireless  receiver. 

The new WA-120 is the most afforable and compact of Nady's growing, popular line of wireless PA's. Ideal for many applications -- classrooms, conference/meeting rooms, churches, health clubs, and small auditoriums -- the WA-120 is powerful, lightweight and easily portable. 

>Powerful 20W audio output

>Three 1/4" unbalanced input jacks (2 mic, 1 aux) and one 1/4" unbalanced recording out, treble and bass control

Nady 351 VR/LT  Belt Pack Personal FM Systems  $189.99 ($12.00 S&H)

Nady 351 VR/HT Hand Held Personal FM Systems $189.99  ($12.00 S&H)
Wireless Personal FM System
     The fm system consists of one receiver and one transmitter (either lavalier or handheld).With Nady's Surface Mount Technology (SMT), the 351 VR receiver is ultra compact --. not much bigger than an audiocassette, it comes with a mini-earphone. Nady's newest, state-of-the-art microphone transmitters are standard with the 351 VR, with a choice of the Nady WHT-15 handheld or WLT-15 lavalier microphone bodypack transmitter. Both transmitters provide 16-20 hours of battery life from a single 9V alkaline, the longest battery operation available with any wireless on the market. 
     Because the fm system is made for commercial video sound recording, it gives you clear, professional sounding high fidelity audio (25-20,000 Hzwithout distracting ambient noise from the environment and delivers outstanding sound.
      The operating range is up to 200' even in the most adverse conditions, and up to 500' line-of-sight. Since the 351 VR is available in 5 different frequencies, it can be effectively used in multiple system set-ups with more than one 351 VR system in the same location. Additional 351 VR receivers: $99.99 each  
One Year Warranty.
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 ***** NEW ***** 
UHF Remember the U-2 spyplane flying so high it couldn't be touched? This is the same thing UHF (Ultra High Frequency) does. It eliminmates interference by transmitting above the crowd.

3-Channel? Channel = frequency. This personal fm system has 3 user-selectable UHF frequencies available. This means that with 3 transmitters, each on a different frequency, you can transmit three different programs/speakers/languages simultaneously. What's the big deal? THE PRICE!  Other personal fm systems with these capabilities (plus a lot of accessories bundled with them) cost at least double or triple, or quadruple! Look up the price of Sennheiser, Listen Technologies, Phonic Ear, Comtek, ANY of the available FM systems. Make sure you're sitting down.
1 AGT300  FM Transmitter, 1 AGR300 FM Receiver
GT Price: $199.99 ($12 S&H) 

Additional Personal FM Transmitters:$113.99    Additional Personal FM Receivers :$88.99

AG300 Transmitter - Receivers
 The PFM PRO helps you cut through the noise in restaurants, cars, or group settings. It maximizes a student’s ability to hear and ensures the teacher’s message is received clearly. The PFM PRO is perfect for, both, active lifestyles or relaxed TV and stereo listening at home. 

The PFM PRO features 16 selectable channels on the 72-76 MHz frequency and has an operating range of up to 150 feet. No-slip rubberized sides ensures easy handling for all users. A versatile 3.5mm jack allows for a variety of earphones and headphone options, and is neckloop/hearing aid compatible (not included with system).

How the personal fm system works: The speaker talks into a lapel microphone which is plugged into the body-pack style transmitter. The transmitter broadcasts the speaker’s message wirelessly up to 150 feet (45.7 m). Listeners wear the body-pack style receiver equipped with an earphone or headphone to pickup the speaker’s broadcast. Individual volume controls on the receiver allow the listener to adjust the volume to meet their personal comfort level. 
The PFM PRO System will operate up to 20 hours at one time. Versatile 3.5mm jack allows a variety of earphone and headphone options. Add a neckloop to make The PFM PRO compatible with most telecoil-equipped hearing aids. The PFM PROTake Motiva wherever you go and stay connected to your world.

The system includes  PPA T46 transmitter, R36 receiver, lapel microphone, plug mount microphone on receiver, ear bud, AA alkaline batteries, system carry case 
Ideal for classroom, training, consultation, etc. 
Additional PPA R37 Receivers: $117.99 ($7 P&H)

Limited Lifetime manufacturer warranty. 90 days on accessories.


New FM Frequencies:

Ch1 806.9 MHz

Ch2 808 MHz

Ch3 809.7 MHz



Williams Sound FM PRO
$678.99 (S&H $12)
​This Transmitter-Receiver combination, The PFM PRO  delivers superior audio directly to the ear, enhancing sound at home, work, or school – anywhere background noise or distance from the source makes listening difficult. The system features17 selectable channels in  the 72-76 MHz band and has an operating range of up to 150 feet. A versatile 3.5mm jack allows for a variety of earphones and headphone options, and is compatible with neckloops and telecoil-equipped hearing aids (not included with system). 
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