Ameriphone TTY Phone
>Optional ASCII module                           
>Tele-access for phone banking and information retrieval                           
>Programmable relay number voice announcer and personalized greeting
>Auto-answering for screening or recording incoming calls                           
>Large 32k memory                       
>Dialogue IIIP has built-in high-speed printer with three options for print size and automatic text answering machine with pre-programmed greeting
>Date and time stamping of all calls                           
>Bright 20 character fluorescent display includes call status information
>Bright visual ring flasher
>51 key PC-type keyboard with GA and SK keys
>Built-in carrying handle
>Standard and international transmission rates
>Automatic audible TTY call identifier
>Long lasting battery included
Audible ringer for Hearing Carry Over calls  Two user-programmable text greeting messages  Redial, Hold and Flash  Connects to many computer printers  "Sticky" keys allow you to use the Q-90 with just one hand  Long-lasting rechargeable batteries with AC adapter (included)  Transfer calls easily to another TTY on the same phone line  When you are on hold, "Wait For Response" signals you when your caller starts typing again * To work with your Q-90, cell phones and cordless phones need a 2.5mm plug (commonly used for hands-free accessories) or a compatible adapter. Among cell phones, analog service works best with the Q-90. Digital cellular phone service is not recommended due to high message error rates. WHAT IS THE NEW Hi-Speed Code? If you type really fast, you will appreciate Hi-Speed Code. It allows you to communicate with other Hi-Speed Code

>Designed to be a top-of-the-line, convenient and technologically advanced communication device for deaf people   
>Dialogue III & IIIP have flexible couplers to accommodate round or square handsets 
>Direct telephone line connection lets you answer or call out from the keyboard       
>Emergency call announcer automatically sends out help signals when you dial 911
>Programmable phone directory for up to 50 names and numbers                           
>Hold, call transfer and three-way calling functions                          
>Call interruption by any TTY device and automatic busy number redial
>Electronic voice announces TTY calls                           

DIALOGUE III   $337.99 ($10 S&H) DIALOGUE IIIP (Printer) $487.99 ($10 S&H) 
Portable TTY Calls
Q90 Portable TTY   $249.99 ($8 S&H)
The  Q-90  is designed for TTY users on the go, the Q-90 is cordless/cell phone compatible, lightweight, portable and very stylish  Plugs into many cellular and cordless phones (cell/cordless connecting cord included) - take it with you anywhere!  Full-size keyboard with 68 full-size keys has just the "right feel," so typing is a pleasure  Large, high contrast, two line, 48 character display has backlighting for easy reading  Tilting display for optimum viewing angle  Hi-Speed Code sends text at twice the standard speed - type as fast as you want for quicker, more economical calls  Bright visual ring flasher announces incoming calls, including cell phone calls  One touch buttons send "HaHaHa," "(Smile)," "Hello GA," and "Pls Hold" phrases  Built in microphone for Hands-Free Voice Carry Over calls  Can be used for Hearing Carry Over calls with optional speaker or Walkman style headset.
TTY users at twice the normal speed, for faster, more natural and more economical conversations. The Q-90 adjusts its transmission rate automatically for other Hi-Speed Code TTYs or regular TTYs. Hi-Speed Code will be available from relay services, for quick, economical relay calls..
 Dialogue VCO   GT Price $174.99 ($7 S&H)

Use your own voice to communicate, then READ the reply on your VCO Phone display. Bright flasher alerts you to an incoming call. Incoming 30 dB amplifier. with tone enhancement provides clear communication. For those with very severe hearing loss, VCO (voice carry over) calls are made through your local toll-free Relay Service. Programmable outgoing message. Built in TTD answering machine, and much more! Call anyone or have them call you through the Relay Service  and use your own voice to talk back.
VCP Phones - Answering Machines

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