Single - $89.99  (S+H $12.00)
Double - $198.99 (S+H $12.00)
Tired Of Not Being Able To Hear The TV 
Unless It's Blasting Everyone Out Of The Room?

Hearing and understanding the TV at normal volume is the job of TV listeners. But the audio quality varies considerably among these devices. Sennheiser is considered one the best, but costs $200  or more.

General Technologies has recently come across a device with equally enhanced audio capabilities plus a few extras at this limited time price. Brand new, in the box.

Why You Need This
Ninety Five percent of Hard of hearing (HOH) people lose the high frequencies in speech containing the consonants and leaving only the vowels A,E,I,O,U. You are thus unable to distinguish or understand the words. In better devices these high frequencies are amplified (and the lows, attenuated) such that you can once again understand the words. In devices, such as TV listeners, this is accomplished using the TONE CONTROL. And of all the high-end devices we've tested, the best tone control we found, by far, is the TV Hearing Aid, models 8008A & 8008B.
Nady EO3 FM Systems
NADY E03/1  Single-Receiver FM System  -   Price $239.99 ($13.00 S&H)

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Nady EO3 Receivers, a manufacturer of the worlds top selling wireless microphones and other professional audio equipment, introduces a high quality  FM system for TV Listening and other applications  such as Churches, Theaters and Auditoriums,  Square Dancing, Language Translation and other wide-area applications. The Transmitter has 8 switchable channels in the 72-76 MHz assistive listening band using wide band modulation for high fidelity audio sound. The system has an operating range of 300-500 feet and includes the Transmitter, AC Adapter, and cables, and a Nady single-channel Receiver with dual earphones     Additional Nady E03 Aditional Receivers (Rx) - $79.99     1-year warranty
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Wireless TV Listeners
 ***BRAND NEW ***
Economy Stereo Wireless FM TV Listeners 
$199.99 ($15 P&H)
Listen to the TV anywhere in the house or yard -- range 100+ feet. Don't be restricted to line-of-site reception as you are with Infrared. The system's main components are the small FM720 Transmitter and tiny FM350 Receiver seen below. In addition, the system comes with cables to hook up to your TV, a microphone in case your TV has no audio output jacks, antennas (not usually needed), dual earphones, Coby headphones, and a Jaguar XKE Convertible. Additional FM350 Receivers: $79.99 ($7 S&H)
FM 720 Transmitters
FM 350 Receivers
 FM720 Transmitter
FM350 Receiver
Univox DLS-50
 Audio Loop System
  Assisted listening with NO HEADSET!
Using Your Hearing Aid T-Switch

$215.00 ($18 S&H)
The Univox system transforms your hearing aids into personalized loudspeakers by converting the sound into a magnetic field that is picked up by your hearing aid telephone (T) switch. Hear clear sound (without noise) from TV, radio, telephone & other devices through your hearing aid telephone switch. 

The system consists of an amplifier (see below) which receives sound from your TV, VCR, etc or someone speaking with a mic. The sound is fed to a thin wire from the amplifier. The wire surrounds the space in which you wish to use your T-Switch to listen with your hearing aids. Your T-Switch picks up the magnetic field from the wire and directs it to your hearing aids. Up to 600+ square feet.
Univox Audio Loop Systems
Hearing Aid Listening TV
tv listening systems BL-8008A
Best TV Listeners  BL-8008B
Hearing TV Better
 ***Amplified TV Assistive Listening Systems ***
Double TV Listening Systems
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