Hearing With The Telephone
Ameriphone XL-50
GT Discount Price: $157.99 ($18 P&H)

50 dB Amplification
•Big button easy-to-read keypad (7/8" x 3/ 4 ") 
•Boost key with LED indicator 
•Hi/Lo/Off ringer volume control 
•Last Number Redial (up to 32 digits) 
•Function Buttons: Flash, Redial/Pause, and Memory 
•Touch-tone dialing 
•0-9 Rotary style receiver volume control 
•Ringer LED indicator
Ameriphone telephone

Telephone Amplifiers

ClearSounds IL40  GT Price: $34.99 ($6 S&H) 
**** BEST BUY ****
The IL-40 is an in-line amplifier, fitting between the base and the handset. It is designed to help those with high frequency loss by increasing the high frequency sounds as you increase the control. It is compatible with most desk-type phones that use modular cords. It is NOT compatible with telephones with the dialing pad in the handset. It is operated by a 9-volt battery (not included) and will last 2 to 6 months depending on use.
Amplified Telephones
VCO Phone     Special Answering Machine       Telephone Amplifiers       Loud Telephone Ringer 
Portable Telephone Amplifier   |  SALE: Equalizing Telephone Amplifier  

severe hearing loss telephones

Hearsay Corp. Model HGA-MX 
Retail $184.99   GT Sale: $158.99  ($12 P&H)

 Hooking between the base and the handset of your telephone, the Model HGA-MX amplifier enhances speech discrimination and clarity by having six adjustable speech frequency bands from bass to treble. You may thus tune this telephone amplifier to compensate for your specific loss by increasing or decreasing the output at each of the six frequencies. Listen with headphones, neckloop, silhouette, cochlear implant adapter cord, or direct audio input. Listening with both ears can make a critical difference.

Have Hearing Loss OR A Weak Voice?**Check This Out**
Walker W6 UNI-K   GT Price: $88.99 ($12 S&H)

 Incoming + Outgoing Phone Amplifier 
This is an excellent, widely  compatible device which amplifies BOTH the incoming and outgoing voice.  AC operated, The UNI provides amplification on almost any telephone that uses a "K" style square handset. The incoming volume control knob is located in the handle. The transmit (outgoing) amplifier  adjustment is located on the amplifier box.

hearing impaired telephones
AT&T Model  1739M Answering Machine - $69.99 ($9 P&H) 
 If you use an answering machine, or would like to, this may be the way you can HEAR and UNDERSTAND your messages by listening with headphones, neckloop, silhouette, direct audio input, or even cochlear implant adapter cord. The 1739M has 40 minutes of digital recording time and gives the number of minutes of recording time left.The 1739M features also include:  Time/Day Stamp,   Two-Way Call Recording,  Outgoing Announcement  Bypass   Call Screening   Toll Saver,   New Messages First -- And many more features including remote access to change outgoing message, remote turn on/off, etc. PLUS, the benefits of Digital Technology: Ø Records outgoing announcement and incoming messages on a microchip. Ø Tapeless silent operation. no moving parts ensures instant access and consistent recording quality. Ø Instant playback - no waiting for tape to rewind Ø Selective save and delete specific messages Ø Instant forward and repeat. Skip forward or back to any message Ø Repeat and review only those parts of the message you need to hear.EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY  With FREE (cheap) stereo headset.

Special Answering Machine
Dialogue VCO Telephone  GT Price $198.99 ($18 P&H)  
Use your own voice to communicate, then READ the reply on your VCO Phone display. Bright flasher alerts you to an incoming call. Incoming 30 dB amplifier. with tone enhancement provides clear communication. For those with very severe hearing loss, VCO (voice carry over) calls are made through your local toll-free Relay Service. Programmable outgoing message. Built in TTD answering machine, and much more! Call anyone or have them call you through the Relay Service  and use your own voice to talk back.
vco telephones


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caller id amplified telephones
CS-CSC 600 Amplified Telephone with Caller ID
Retail: $159.95  GT Price $ 139.99 ($18 S&H)
******** BEST BUY ********
Ideal for the individual looking for the most innovative amplified telephone with all the functionality the industry has to offer.  With amplification boost up to 50dB, this phone is perfect for the household that may have individuals with different amplification needs.

Caller ID   
Large easy-to-read numbers 
High volume amplification (up to 50dB) 
UltraClear™ sound shaping tone control 
Extra loud 95 dB ringer and bright flashing ring strobe 
2.5 mm amplified headset jack for hands-free accessories 
3.5 mm amplified headset jack for audio accessories 
Jack for optional vibrating pad for tactile ring signaling 
Hearing aid compatible 
Available in charcoal and off-white  
2-year warranty 
amplifying telephones
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Uni-K Outgoing Amp Also.
Amplified Desk Phone  $45.99  ($18 S&H) 
telephone amplifier system
amplified speakerphones
D6SP Amplified Speakerphone
$57.99 ($13 S&H)
Key Features 

Patented Volume Boost Button Designed With Features For The Hearing Impaired Aiding 70% of Elderly Patients With High-Frequency Hearing Loss (The Boost Button Increases Volume Range To 27.5db) 
High Luster, Euro Style, rugged ABS cabinet with High Durability Components 
Extra Heavy, Non-Slip Base provides a solid look and feel 
Easy to wipe down, sleek profile, Lite Touch Keypad with  "No Wear" keys 
Low Pitch, Dual Tone Ringer with 3 levels of control 
Outstanding audio amplification quality 
Easy Access Dataport 
Flash Button 
 ***** Two Best Buys *****
Clearsounds IL95  GT Price: $32.99 ($7 S&H).
********* BEST BUY*******
The IL40 is an in-line amplifier for telephones - fitting between the base and the handset. It is designed to help those with high-frequency loss (95%) by increasing  the high frequencies as you increase the volume control. It is compatible with most desk-type telephones. It is NOT compatible with telephones that have the dialing pad in the handle. Operates on a 9-volt battery lasting 2 to 6 months.
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