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Tour Guide Equipment - Wireless Mics and Headsets

Wireless tour guide equipment for sale: Great for walking tours, travel destinations, vacation spots, tour buses, tourist attractions and tourism offices. We have wireless tour guide devices and also stationary FM systems that can be placed in a building to work with your existing audio equipment. This wireless tour guide equipment can also be used as translation systems or for hearing impaired people. The assisted listening systems need an actual human translator to translate languages for the people that are using the FM receivers to hear with. The FM equipment can be used around the world, not only in the United States.

​Array AG300-10 Three-Channel UHF Transmitter
10-Receiver Tour Guide System / Translation Device with 40-Unit Carrying Case

Array AGR300 3-Channel FM Receiver with LM01 Earphones

Array AGT300 3-Channel FM Transmitter with HM01 Headset Mic

VGP-13 Vanguard Additional Carrying Cases (Holds Up TO 40 Units)

Williams Sound Systems - Multiple Frequency 10-Receiver Wireless Tour Guide Equipment
(Headphones, Headband Mic, Carrying Case and Batteries Included)
8 channels

Nady Systems - 351 VR/LT 6-Receiver Mobile Belt Pack Personal FM**

Nady 351 VR/HT 6-Receiver Mobile Hand Held Personal FM
Additional 351 VR receivers

**Nady HM-3 Headset Mic Included.  

There are many other places that use the wireless tour guide devices such as training centers and many other agencies and businesses such as conventions, conferences, churches, government agencies, job training, military installations, security officers, speakers, amusement parks, speaking events, schools, retreats.

The FM transmitters can be used all around the world. Here is a list of the top countries that request our translation FM systems below:

United States,Argentina, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Bulgaria, Uruguay, Armenia,Ghana, Cambodia, Nigeria, Latvia, Croatia, Finland, Ecuador, Ukraine, Austria, Iran, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Hungary, Jordan, Estonia, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Mongolia, Cayman Islands, Slovenia, Dominican Republic, Qatar, Slovakia, Afghanistan, South Africa, Israel, Turkey, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Indonesia, Netherlands, Singapore, Philippines,Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Norway, Denmark, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Belize, Belarus, El Salvador, France, Malaysia, Japan, Ireland, Romania, Thailand, Jamaica, Myanmar (Burma), Malta, Kenya, Nepal, Bosnia Herzegovina, Chile, Iraq, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Switzerland, Belgium, Iceland, Russia, Poland, Vietnam, Kuwait, South Korea, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Lebanon, Bahrain, Panama, Cyprus, Albania, China, Greece,  Bangladesh, Peru, New Zealand, Portugal, Europe, Georgia, Guatemala and Luxembourg.

These translation products are great for translating language of the top 50 languages in the world: Chinese, Mandarin, Gujarati, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Persian, Xiang, German, Chinese Wu, Javanese, Korean, French, Turkish, Vietnamese, Telugu, Chinese, Yue Cantonese, Bhojpuri, zerbaijani, Maithili, English, Spanish, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Italian, Urdu, Min Nan, Jinyu, Hausa, Burmese, Serbo Croatian, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Hakka, Kannada, Oriya, Panjabi, Sunda, Romanian, Gan, Awadhi, Thai, Dutch, Yoruba, Sindhi. 

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