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Nady Systems, a manufacturer of the worlds top selling wireless microphones and other professional audio equipment, introduces a wide area FM system. The Transmitter has 8 internally switchable channels in the 72-76 MHz assistive listening band using wide band modulation for high fidelity audio sound. The system has an operating range of 300-500 feet, making it excellent for Churches, Theaters and Auditoriums,  Square Dancing and other wide-area applications. The system includes the Transmitter, AC Adapter, cables, and 4 Nady single-channel Receivers with dual earphones. . 1 Year Warranty 
Additional Nady E03 Receivers are only $79.99 each.
NADY E03/4 Four-Receiver FM System  
$439.99 ($18 P&H)   
(Click here for Nady E03/1 Single Receiver FM System )

Williams Sound [PPA VPE37] Value Pack System
 GT Price $1008.99 ($18 S&H)
Assistive listening systems for large areas must be able to transmit the sound effectively to everyone. I have found FM systems to be most cost-effective for this purpose in that they are easily set up, portable when required, and have sufficient range for large areas using only a single transmitter.
The Value Pack system uses the new T-27 transmitter, capable of 300+ feet range, thus covering an area of over 282,000 square feet. The system includes four R37 receivers with batteries and earphones. It may be used in conjunction with an existing public address (PA) system by connecting an audio output of the PA system into the T-27 transmitter. When the speaker talks into the regular PA mic, the voice is also transmitted to the assistive device receivers. An optional microphone may also be plugged into the transmitter for stand-alone operation without a PA system (see LanguageTranslation, below) 
Additional PPA R37 Scanning Receivers $117.99  $7 S&H
 5 Year  Warranty.

Williams Sound WIR TX9 Infrared (IR) Transmitter
  GT Price $781.99 ($18 S&H)
Provides 10,000 sq ft coverage with a 135 foot radius. The TX 9 is switch-adjustable for operating at either r 2.3 MHz , 2.8 MHz or .

The TX9 is an all-in-one design which combines both the modulator and transmitter and is easily hooked up to the existing sound system.  Additional 10,000 foot coverage is available using TX9.Emitters attached to the TX9.  5 Year Warranty.
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Nady Duet 2-Microphone System
  $189.99 (S&H $12.00)
Includes Encore VHF Dual.Receiver - Five frequency pairs and two Wireless Mics -- Lavalier Body Pack Transmitter WLT-15  with detachable microphone or Hand Held Transmitter/Mic WHT-15 (shown to the right & below).Power Supply, 6ft connecting cord, and rugged foam padded traveling case included..
Multiple Microphone Systems 
For example: One for the person speaking and one or more for audience participation

When more than a single wireless FM microphone is needed you must have each wireless mic on a different frequency to prevent interference. And each microphone has to have a separate receiver on that frequency. Then you must have a mixer to combine each receiver's audio from each mic and send it to: loudspeakers, an assistive device transmitter, or wherever you want it to go. Nady has simplified this process by combining the multiple receivers and mixer in a single unit for 2-microphone and 4-microphone systems (see 4-mic set up diagram below).
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Large Area Infrared Systems.
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Nady 401 QUAD 4-Transmitter System 
$348.99 (S&H 25.00)
A 4 Transmitter System with 4 Handheld microphones (shown at left) or 4 Lavalier transmitters - choice of lapel clip microphones or headset microphones(pictured with Quad Receiver above)  or any mix.of each. Two 4-Frequency combinations available.. AC Power adapter included. VHS wireless microphone system that plugs into your own mixer and sound system.
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Williams Sound Infrared Receiver.
WIR RX 18   $143.00 ($12 S&H)
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FM350 Scan Receiver - $79.99 ($7 P&H)
Retail: $129.99
This receiver picks up any channel in the entire assistive device band, 72-76 MHz , AND ALSO all stations in the commercial FM Band 88-108 MHz  for your listening enjoyment. You may program any 5 frequencies thus getting to the right channel at the push of a button. But --- if you don't know what channel is being used, you may push the down or up "scan" for 1 second and the receiver "finds" the channel for  you. The FM350 comes with dual mini-earphones AND headphones. Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included).
NOTE: Should you need a receiver that can cover any frequency in the 72-76 MHz ALD band, the FM350, below, is available and may be used with ANY wideband system, such as the Nady and Williams Sound systems above. Read on.
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An IR Receiver with 3.5mm jack for optional earphone/headphone, tone and balance controls, stereo 2.3/2.8MHz

The WIR RX18 receiver is ideal for TV or music listening, meetings, offices, or other small group listening applications. A 3.5mm jack allows the user to plug in a variety of stereo or mono listening accessories such as an earphone, headphone, or neckloop. On/off switch is conveniently built into the receiver´s jack. The WIR RX18 is compatible with transmitters operating on 2.3 MHz and/or 2.8 MHz frequency.

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